Go Green

MRA goes Green

MRA sends almost all of its mail-order products via DHL - a very environmentally sound way of sending packages, with the DHL GoGreen programme. Taking part in the programme costs us five cents extra, and will effectively help us cut carbon dioxide emissions with a carbon dioxide savings certificate to confirm our contribution after a year. Naturally, we will be covering the additional charge.

GoGreen - the climate protection programme at Deutsche Post World Net

Deutsche Post World Net aims towards reaching a thirty-percent improvement in carbon dioxide efficiency by the year 2020; to help them reach this goal, they introduced the GoGreen climate protection programme that has now been implemented in every region and division of the company group. At a fourteen-percent share in the world's carbon dioxide emissions, the transport sector - which includes logistics - carries special responsibility in the worldwide war on climate change.


Optimising the vehicle fleet

Deutsche Post World Net sends letters, parcels and goods across the world by air, road and sea; this means burning fossil fuels - the main contributor to the company's carbon dioxide emissions. The company will be gradually replacing its aircraft and road vehicle fleet towards reducing these emissions. Apart from that, Deutsche Post World Net will be sending some of its airborne freight by sea, road or rail instead.

Increasing energy efficiency

Deutsche Post World Net aims towards further increases in the use of renewable energy throughout the company group. Even today, more then two-thirds of the electricity used in Germany comes from regenerative sources. In addition, the company has plans to increase energy efficiency in buildings and permanent installations. This means installing more efficient lighting systems and optimising heating and air conditioning in existing buildings. State-of-the-art technology in new buildings will contribute towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Developing innovative technologies

Deutsche Post World Net is the only company in the logistics industry to concentrate its innovation activities in a research centre. DHL Innovation Centre develops highly innovative products for the logistical trends of the future - these may be innovations such as accurate route planning and intelligent traffic management systems that will substantially increase the efficiency in the road vehicle fleet.

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