Frequently Asked Questions - Complaints/Returns

My screen does not fit the fairings - what should I do?

Frequently Asked Questions - Private Customers

Is express delivery possible?

Express delivery is possible within Germany. We only invoice the real costs incurred.

Which provider will the goods be sent with?

We distribute with DHL.

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Why can I not select my country?

In many countries we work with importers.

If you come from a country where we have an importer, we can deliver exclusively to them.

If we have no importer in your country, we can deliver directly to you. An overview of all our importers can be found on our Homepage.

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Which methods of payment are available to me (private customers outwith Germany)?

Telephone: Prepayment (You transfer the billing amount in advance quoting the invoice number. On the day of the receipt of payment, the order will be sent to you.)

Via e-mail: same as by telephone

Online shop: Paypal, credit cards, prepayment

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What do the different traffic light colours mean?

The screen is available and can be delivered immediately

Stocks are low, immediate distribution is possible. But in seldom cases, order duplications may arise.

the screen is not available at the moment, distribution will be delayed.

Traffic light icon to show availabilityTraffic light icon to show availability


Frequently Asked Questions – Products

Forgot your username/password?

Please contact us by telephone (+49 (0)7633 93890)
or by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)!

Can I reorder the upper/lower part of my Varioscreen separately?

This is possible for some models.

Please get in touch with us and let us know the type of motorbike you have and the year of manufacture.

We will then individually check whether a replacement order is possible.

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How can I order spare parts?

In general, replacements are available for all parts. Even when the product is no longer in the programme. On rare occasions, however, certain parts which cannot be produced anymore can run out.

You can feel free to ask for prices and availability which we do not have in our shop. 

Spare partsSpare parts

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How do I clean my screen?

Clean the screen with water and a sponge, never wipe it dry. Small scuffs and grimy surfaces can be polished up again with lacquer polish.

Alcohol, petrol, solvents and brake fluid could corrode the screen or even destroy it.


What is the Burning Glass Effect?

With some screen shapes, the so-called "Burning glass effect" can occur. Here the sun rays are concentrated and can melt the instruments.

This effect results not from sun light striking the screen but when the sunlight hits the screen from behind (driver side).

This is thereby also possible with completely opaque (black) screens.

MRA screens are modified through CAD simulation in such a way that, in effect, a burning glass effect which could lead to the melting of the armatures can never happen again.

What material are the screens?

Our screens are made of a specially modified PMMA which we have developed with our supplier.

This way we more than meet the requirements of the German National Road Traffic regulations. It requires for example, that although a screen may break, the breaking edges must be blunt.

But our material is almost unbreakable. Nevertheless, should a break occur, the break lines will naturally, as required, be blunt.

Furthermore, in contrast with many other screens, our material is relatively unreactive to chemicals like petrol, alcohols or windscreen cleaner. Contact with braking fluid is problematic.

What is a screen printing?

The pattern is printed in black in the bottom part just like the original screen provided by the manufacturer. This print progresses across the actual screen colour in a series of points which become fainter (pattern).

screen printingscreen printingThis print is to cover the instruments/cables behind the screen on the one hand and on the other hand it is necessary for technical production reasons. We can only produce shields without screen prints in particular cases - the printing of screens which were not designed to be screen-printed is not possible.


Does my screen have a general operating license?

Select your screen and desired colour in our shop, then a field will appear underneath which specifies whether the screen has a general operating license. If this is not the case, we can include it in the next endorsement depending on your model.

As a matter of principle, all our screens are manufactured from the same material and through the same production processes. The material testing for general operating license screens is thereby also valid for screens without a general operating license.

This makes registration with TÜV/DEKRA (technical inspection organisations)  considerably easier. It is even easier with our form

 "Acceptance confirmation in accordance with regulation19 of the german National Road Traffic regulations". You will find this along with general operating licenses on our download page at Should you wish to make use of these, print the acceptance confirmation AND the associated general operating license and submit this to your TÜV/DEKRA inspector. 

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How strong is the tint/transparency?

You can actually more or less see through all the screens. The exception being black (shadow-line): this colour is absolutely opaque.

Where can I check the length of the screen and what does it indicate?

Select your screen and desired colour in our shop, then a field will appear underneath in which a length is specified. You can also find the dimensions in the general operating license.

But: The dimensions often don't tell us anything about the effect of the screen.

See FAQ "Which factors have abearing on wind protection?" and "Turbulence - Is the screen too high or too low?". Our screens are often differently shaped or even have adjustable spoilers. In this case the wind acts differently with screens of the same length!


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Wind tunnel
Which factors have a bearing on wind protection?

Turbulence - Is the screen too high or too low?

Background: A vacuum occurs behind the screen. When the air flow at the end of the screen meets the vacuum, the air swirls. The larger the screen, the larger the vacuum and the larger the resulting turbulence. There is normally no problem for larger drivers because the turbulence is not around the helmet area. Smaller drivers are therefore better off behind a lower screen. It is a common misunderstanding that the windscreen should force the wind over the driver. This is only possible in seldom cases (e.g. Goldwing). It is ideal for the air to flow lightly off the helmet.

If turbulence occurs then the screen is generally, as described above, too high. To determine the ideal length, one can do the following: During the journey, edge slowly upwards until the turbulence is gone. The distance upwards is to be divided by two. The result is the amount by which the screen must be shortened.

Example: If during the journey, the driver edges up and after 10cm the turbulence clearly subsides, then the screen should be shortened by 5cm.

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Wind tunnel
Which factors have a bearing on wind protection?

Which factors have a bearing on wind protection?

The size of the driver’s body and the seating position play a crucial roll but so do the helmet and even the clothing. The Spoiler screen usually achieves better wind protection for smaller drivers without disruptive turbulence occurring.

Larger drivers get better wind protection with the Touring Screen. Based on experience, screens which are too high are often selected. See FAQ "Turbulence".

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Wind tunnel
FAQ - Turbulence

What are the differences between Original, Spoiler, Touring, Sport and Racing screens?

TourenscheibeTourenscheibeThe shape of the Original screen is, as the name says, modeled on the Original screen.

The Spoiler screen matches the Original but has a small break-away edge at the back end.

The Touring screen has the same form as the Original but has an added upwardly titled wind deflector across the width of the back end. This way the wind pressure is deflected from the upper body and makes relaxed driving possible, even on long journeys. With some models which have steeply inclined shields, the wind deflector is only designed as an extension and is not tilted upwards to avoid turbulence.

The Sport Screen "SP" is a shorter version of the Original screen and gives the motorbike/scooter a modern, sporty look.

The Racing screen was developed for racing and is used by many racing teams. The Racing screen matches the Original screen in the bottom part but has a dome-like raise in the middle. This way the helmet is freed from air pressure and the aerodynamics improved.

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